Mother Teresa Staff

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Mother Teresa School Staff List - 2020


Peter Hughes

Assistant Principal

Craig Hart


Anne Leet


Kelly Boyton


Brooke Jeffries


Anna Williams

ICT Co-ordinator

Sarah MacArthur

Year 6 Onyx

Hayley Shelley

Year 6 Ebony

Stephanie Travers

Year 6 Charcoal

Brendan Roweth/Craig Hart (odd Thursdays)

Year 6 Ink

Wendy Ceccato

Year 5 Silver

Kate O'Keefe (Mon/Tues/Wed) & Kirsten Turner (Thursday/Friday)

Year 5 Pearl

Kelly Boyton (Mon/Tues/Wed) & Jodie Tanchevski (Thursday/Friday)

Year 5 Ivory

Stacey Walters

Year 5 Platinum

Matthew Smith

Year 4 Violet

Justine Watt

Year 4 Indigo

Maria Radic (Monday - Thursday) & Katherine Morris (Friday)

Year 4 Magenta

Kristina Hudina

Year 4 Amethyst

Jason van Deas

Year 3 Cobalt

Brooke Jeffries (Mon/Tues/Fri) & Lauren Pye (Wednesday/Thursday)

Year 3 Sapphire

Lauren Pye (Monday/Tuesday) & Carly Snowdon (Wed/Thurs/Friday)

Year 3 Aqua

Justine Henshaw

Year 3 Turquoise

Catherine Blackwell

Year 2 Emerald

Lissy Van der Sanden (Mon/Tues/Wed) & Kari Turnbull (Thursday/Friday)

Year 2 Jade

Penny Brown (Mon/Tues/Wed) & Lauren Maher (Thursday/Friday)

Year 2 Mint

Maryanne Hawes

Year 2 Lime

Shaylie Weston

Year 1 Amber

Rebecca Cartwright

Year 1 Ochre

Elizabeth Hagerty

Year 1 Coral

Gemma Francis

Year 1 Topaz

Anna Williams/ (Mon/Tues/Wed) & Megan Fraser (Thursday/Friday)

Kinder Ruby

Hannah Hegarty

Kinder Rose

Liana White (Monday – Thursday) & Anne Leet (Friday)

Kinder Scarlet

Angela Connolly

Kinder Crimson

Sarah Campbell


Janet Williams

Library assistant

Margaret MacDonald

Library assistant

Gayle Jeffries

Learning Support Teacher

Karen Garrity

Learning Support Teacher

Jan Rawlins


Hazel Haydon

Office Manager

Donna Betts

Front Office

Susan McCluskey

Student Office

Sharon Cobcroft

Student Office

Katrina Blinkhorn


Wendy Ceccato and Hannah Hagerty


Susan Curbishley


Jacqueline Ramesh (Mon/Tues/Wed)


Brendan Roweth


Leanne Revell

Student Welfare Officer

Kagiso Ratlhagane

Learning Support Assistant

Jen Modun

Learning Support Assistant

Lucielle Duvenhage

Learning Support Assistant

Kate Kelly

Learning Support Assistant

Sarah Stubbs

Learning Support Assistant

Terri Rodda

Learning Support Assistant

Georgina Hetherington

Learning Support Assistant

Jo Anelzark

Learning Support Assistant

Louisa Obst


Daniel McCreath